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Destin, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful waters across the United States. The city built on the pristine beaches in the Gulf of Mexico is a luxurious area for vacationers and locals alike to enjoy, year round. With warm weather that cannot be beat nearly every day of the year, Destin is the perfect spot for tourists to come to get away and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Full of some of the friendliest Floridians around, Destin has made a name for itself as people from around the globe flock to the tropical getaway. With activities and attractions that individuals of all ages can enjoy, our city is the ideal place for friends and families to escape the stresses of everyday life. With five star dining, shopping, outdoor adventures, and white sand beaches, everything you are looking for can be found nearby.

Destin’s Adventures

We want to share our favorite parts of Destin with everyone who comes through our city. We specialize in all things adventure, especially when it comes to the crystal clear gulf waters surrounding the area. Whether you are looking for a thrilling experience, or something more laid back, our professional and friendly staff are here to accommodate you.

Checkout life underneath the water as you swim through the ocean with the colorful fish, sea creatures, and other treasures beneath the surface. Our snorkel excursions are sure to please, as you dive into the water for a closer look at Destin’s sea life. Dolphins are abundant in the our waters and can be viewed in their natural habitat aboard a dolphin cruise. Your dolphin tour will take you around the ocean in search of these mysterious animals who often swim up next to our boats as we sail along.

Sunset Cruises

Of course getting to know the ocean’s wildlife is not the only way to enjoy the waters. Our Destin, FL sunset cruises are another great way to take in the beauty of the ocean. A sunset cruise in Destin is a fantastic way to cap off the day, relaxing aboard with friends and family. While on your sunset cruise, you will ride around the harbor and bay, getting a view of the city and beach from the oceanfront. Taking a look at the city from the other side of the land is a great way to experience its beauty, especially as the sun is setting.

Often times, dolphins decide to make an appearance while we sail around on the Destin, Fl. sunset cruise. It is likely that you will get a chance to see these magnificent creatures swimming around or next to the boat. The dolphins in the area are extremely playful and love to say hello to customers as we journey along the water. Even though we can’t guarantee that you will get a look at any dolphins, more likely than not there will be some nearby. There is no end to the fun that will be had while aboard our Destin sunset cruises.

Hard To Beat It!

Our Destin, Fl. sunset cruises take place on a large, forty-five foot Catamaran, certified by the Coast Guard. The boats are customized with comfortable seating and restrooms so that you can kick back and relax with ease. The Destin sunset cruise is an hour and a half and is designed for the entire family to enjoy. All ages four and up are welcomed on board, giving everyone the chance to come together and enjoy time with one another while out at sea. Drinks are included with the sunset cruise, an added bonus to make your time with us even more pleasant.

If you find yourself in our area, there is no better way to spend your evening than a Destin sunset cruise. As we navigate the emerald green waters of the Gulf, you will experience the ocean like never before. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of some of our friends in the ocean, like the dolphins who tend to join us. Come unwind and set sail with Flipper’s Adventures, where you are guaranteed to make memories to last a lifetime!

To learn more about our sunset cruises, contact us or call (850)837-0113 and discover why so many choose to adventure with us!

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