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Do you want to experience some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth up close and personal? Then a dolphin cruise in Destin might be right for you.

Watch how these marine mammals play and interact with the world around them. You might catch them on the hunt for food, or simply enjoying your attention.

Learn more about what to expect from your dolphin tour.


When you head out for a dolphin tour, expect a sunbath. Even a Destin sunset dolphin cruise begins before the sun goes down.

This means that you should prepare by covering yourself and the kids with 30 SPF sunscreen. You might also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes from bright rays reflecting off of the water.


Weather happens, sometimes rather quickly, when you go out boating. Prepare yourself for rain by bringing along plastic ponchos that will keep you comfortable and dry. These will also protect you from any splashes from the gulf.

You may feel a little cooler out on the water than you did on land. So, also prepare for the drop in temperatures by bringing along a sweatshirt.

If you go out for a sunset cruise, you can feel cool fast, especially after a long day in the blazing sun. Bring along a blanket for your family to share so you can enjoy the cruise in comfort.

A Shared Experience

Expect to share your experience with others. People love dolphin tours, and you may end up on a full boat.

You will find the accommodations comfortable and expect a reasonable amount of space to sit.

Since you will share this experience with others, you should arrive early. Show up to your dolphin cruise about 30 minutes early so everybody can get themselves situated on the boat and still leave on time.


When you choose to take your Destin dolphin tour with a reputable company, you can expect to stay safe along the way. Your captain knows the waterways, not only for fun, but also in terms of keeping everybody safe.

Make safety a priority. You will find flotation devices on board that will keep everybody afloat in the unlikely case of an emergency. Follow all of the rules and keep a close eye on your children.


Expect to get excited. Dolphin excursions on the Gulf of Mexico also offer beautiful sights and fun.

Look all around you and experience more than what you came for. Keeping your focus solely on seeing dolphins may make you miss out on the other wonders of this cruise. Bring your camera to capture amazing pictures.

Understand that you set out to find wild animals who may not always cooperate. Sometimes they do not show up, but you see other unexpected wildlife along the way. Other times, they wow you with a presentation that they decided upon themselves.

Dolphin Tours Never Disappoint

Dolphin tours in Destin will never disappoint you if you keep an open mind about what they should be. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride.

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