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In the ancient world, swimmers used rudimentary “snorkels” made out of hollow reeds and “goggles” made out of tortoise shells.

Luckily, you won’t have to track down any reeds or tortoise shells if you want to explore the underwater world today. Modern snorkeling gear is safe, affordable, and easy for everyone to use — including children.

Are you planning a snorkeling excursion during your upcoming Destin vacation? Read our snorkeling guide to ensure you have everything you need.

Essential Equipment for Snorkeling

Creating lifetime memories doesn’t require a lifetime investment. In fact, you only need three basic pieces of equipment to start snorkeling:

  • A face mask
  • A snorkel
  • A pair of fins

A face mask enables you to clearly see the fish, coral, and other sea life below the surface. Your mask should fit snugly to ensure no water leaks inside. Choose a model with tempered glass for added safety (and the best visibility).

Your snorkel allows you to relax your neck and enjoy the sights underwater without the need to lift your head for a breath. Look for a semi-dry model with a splashguard that prevents most water from coming in. Don’t worry, though — if you do get some water inside your snorkel, you can clear it out with a firm, quick breath.

Although you can certainly go snorkeling without fins, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience if you wear them. Fins help to propel you through the water, enabling you to swim faster and farther with less effort. Long, closed-foot fins are usually best for beginners.

Should you buy your own snorkeling gear before your Florida vacation? You may choose to do so, but keep in mind that the best snorkeling tours will provide high-quality equipment for you to use, including life vests.

Other Essential Snorkeling Gear

These three pieces of equipment are technically all you need for snorkeling. However, there are some other things you’ll want to pack to ensure you have a safe (and fun) experience.

Most importantly, don’t forget sun protection!

It’s a common myth that you can’t get sunburned underwater, but the opposite is true. Wear protective UV clothing or slather up with reef-safe sunscreen that’s at least 50 SPF. Don’t forget sunglasses and a brimmed hat for sun protection while you’re on the boat.

You may also want to include “optional” extras such as:

  • An underwater camera or GoPro
  • A selfie stick
  • A dry bag (to protect your belongings from water)
  • Anti-fog spray for your mask

Finally, whether you’re snorkeling from a boat tour or from the beach, make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you too. Snorkeling is a surprisingly great workout, so you’ll want to stay hydrated and consume plenty of calories to swim strong all day long.

The Best Snorkeling in Destin, FL

Now that you know what you need, the only thing left to do is plan your Florida snorkeling excursion.

Flipper’s Adventures offers the best snorkeling tours on the Emerald Coast. Our friendly staff and well-equipped boats ensure you’ll have a safe, comfortable journey. Snorkeling is fun for the entire family, so bring everyone along — even if it’s their first time!

Call us at 850-837-0113 or use our contact form to get in touch. Our snorkeling excursion is sure to be a highlight of your Destin vacation.

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