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Florida is well-known for its flora and fauna, both above ground and under the sea. If you’re in Fort Walton Beach and curious about underwater life, then snorkeling is the perfect way to get up close and personal!

In addition to fun, did you know that snorkeling has many health benefits as well?

1. It Improves Your Breathing

To get enough oxygen while snorkeling, you’ll essentially be completing a breathing exercise. You’ll need to both exhale and inhale through your mouth.

This type of breathing has a little bit of resistance, so you’ll have to work harder to breathe and as a result, strengthen your lungs.

2. It’ll Help Your Cardiovascular Health

You need to swim to snorkel, and swimming is one of the most heart-healthy exercises out there! It’s an aerobic exercise, which means it’ll work out your heart.

While you’re in the water exploring the waters around Fort Walton Beach, you’ll be strengthening your heart and muscles. This will allow your heart to become more efficient in pumping blood throughout your body.

3. It Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re struggling with your weight, then you’ll be pleased to know that snorkeling can help with weight loss. How much you’ll burn will depend on your body and the intensity of snorkeling, but on average, you can expect to burn around 346 calories per hour.

What’s great is, snorkeling doesn’t put as much stress on your joints, so you can do this activity for longer than, say, walking or jogging.

4. You’ll Get More Vitamin D

Surprisingly, many Americans don’t get enough vitamin D, even if they live somewhere sunny. This is an essential vitamin needed for strengthening the immune system and producing vital bone and blood cells.

Our bodies don’t make vitamin D which means we need to get it from outside sources such as supplements and most commonly, the sun. Getting into the water and soaking up the sun’s rays can help with a vitamin D deficiency, so long as you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen regularly.

5. It Helps with Mental Health

Not only does snorkeling improve your physical health, it also improves your mental health as well.

For many people, getting into the water and seeing beautiful underwater life can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. The physical activity in itself makes your body release feel-good hormones, which can aid in improving mental health.

Needless to say, when you go snorkeling, it’s tough to stay in a bad mood!

Have Fun Snorkeling in Fort Walton Beach

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to see marine life. Plus, it can boost your health.

Considering these advantages listed above, you should have plenty of reasons to snorkel. Go grab your swimsuit, get some gear, head to the beach, and gaze at the stunning life waiting just below the water’s surface!

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