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On average, only 40% of classmates will attend a class reunion. If that number is too low for you, then you will want to plan a fun class reunion that people just cannot resist.

An outing to Destin, FL is just what you need! The state itself is already well-known for its beautiful weather and beaches, but Destin is a truly unique spot to visit.

Here are all the reasons why you should visit Destin for your next class reunion and what you should do.

Have a Beach Party

Beach parties are the best for breaking the ice, both figuratively and literally. It can be awkward meeting everyone again for the first time in years, and beach parties are perfect for getting everyone relaxed and comfortable.

Set up food and drink stands, beach chairs, and volleyball games. The more activities, the better!

Go Snorkeling

Take advantage of Destin’s amazing and warm waters by going snorkeling. You and your classmates will get to see the wonderful marine life underwater, which will make for great conversations when you surface and go relax elsewhere afterward.

What is great about snorkeling is that you just need to know how to swim to participate. The only equipment needed is a mask and swim fins, which are easy to get used to.

Go Parasailing

Were you known as a shy mouse in school? Then it is time to prove to everyone you have changed by going parasailing!

The daredevils in your reunion can take to the skies and get a unique view of Destin. And for those who would rather stay with their feet planted on the floor, they can also go on board as observers.

Rent Destin Pontoon Boats

After you are done snorkeling and parasailing, you can rent some pontoons to kick back and relax. You are allowed to bring coolers on board, so you and your buddies can have a few drinks while catching up on what is happened in the years since you have left school.

Those who have fishing licenses can even fish off the pontoon boats. Have a blast reeling in some big catches!

End the Day With a Sunset Cruise

A sunset dolphin cruise is the perfect way to end the day for a class reunion. Destin is known for its sunsets, so you will all be in for a special treat.

While dolphins are wild and it is not guaranteed you will see them, they do appear in most cases. This will be the cherry on top when combined with a gorgeous sunset off in the distance!

Have Your Class Reunion in Destin

As you can see, Destin has tons of fun activities that you and your old classmates can do together. You can have a bunch of outdoor adventures in the hot Florida sun, then end the day with a Destin sunset cruise. It will be a reunion to remember and people will be talking about it for years to come.

To arrange for a sunset cruise and more in Destin for your class reunion, get in touch with us now!

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