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Winter in Destin, Florida, may not get cold, but it does get chilly. You can expect temperatures between the 40s and 60s, and that means that a day swimming in the ocean is out of the question. Are you looking for things to do in Destin when you want to stay warm while still having fun? 

There are plenty of things to do in winter in Destin. Read on to learn about a few of our favorite ways to spend a Destin winter.

1. Have a Beach Bonfire

Looking to get cozy around a fire? You’re in luck. There’s a nearby beach with public access that will let you do just that.

Make sure you’re somewhere where you can legally start a fire. You don’t want to get in trouble while trying to enjoy winter activities in Destin! 

Bring a sweatshirt and a few things you’d like to roast over a fire. Don’t forget the ingredients for s’mores! Most importantly, make sure you don’t leave a mess behind. 

The only thing you should ever leave on the beach is footprints.

2. Go Golfing

Golfing may not sound like a winter activity, but in Florida, it is. It’s slow-paced but active enough that you’ll stay warm and comfortable even if you’re in a t-shirt. 

There are many fantastic golf courses in Destin to choose from. If you don’t consider yourself a golfer, you could also take a swing at mini-golf! Regardless of the weather, mini-golf is sure to be a good time. 

3. Check Out the Trails

When people think of Destin, they don’t think of trails. The Timpoochee trail bike path, however, is a lot of fun. You can run, walk, or bike and take in the scenery. 

It’s a 19-mile paved path. You can get a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. Staying active on the trail will keep you warm enough to enjoy the day!

We Love These Winter Things to Do In Destin

Winter in Florida is mild, so take advantage of it! You can enjoy spending time outdoors, even if it’s winter time. Which winter things to do in Destin will you try first? 

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