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Don’t let your fear stand between you and parasailing. Trying new things is scary, especially if it involves soaring through the air. While it is a thrilling experience, parasailing in Destin can intimidate a lot of people.

The more you know about parasailing the less likely you are to be scared. There are some safety precautions you will have to take, same as any extreme activity.

However, once you understand some of the basics, you’ll be ready to plan your trip.

Safety Basics

The most important thing with these types of activities is safety. This is not just for you, but also for the employees and any other crew members there to assist you.

When you look up options for parasailing in Destin, you should also look at some official safety tips.


Pay attention to the weather before you book a parasailing ride service. It will make a big difference during your excursion. This is because the way the wind and water interact will affect you.

Powerful winds make it easier for you to stay in the air but will make the water choppy. Wavy waters make the boat harder to handle. Severe storms or winds will cancel parasailing entirely.

The ideal weather would be bright and clear days when visibility won’t be an issue.


There will be some equipment that you have to use. Your crew will explain it to you before you take off, but for those who like to prepare here’s what you’ll use.

You’ll wear a life jacket. If you can’t swim, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to parasail. For those who can swim, you still have to wear a life jacket for safety.

Then there’s the chute, the towline, and the harness. The chute keeps you in the air. The towline connects you to the boat. You sit in a body harness that is similar to a swing.

What is Parasailing Like?

Most people describe parasailing as a floating or flying feeling. You lean from the edge of the boat and rift up into the air. It’s not jarring. The transition is smooth and relaxing.

Don’t think of it as a thrilling rollercoaster. It’s less of an adrenaline-inducing experience and more of a calming trip that makes you feel connected to nature.

Preparations to Make

There won’t be many preparations to make the day of parasailing. Your instructor will teach you how to use the equipment. They will convey any safety information that they think is relevant.

You should focus on wearing the right clothes and picking a day where the weather is nice. For clothing, you should wear tight-fitting comfortable clothes. This will prevent uncomfortable flapping in the wind and drag.

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In addition to parasailing in Destin, there’s snorkeling, dolphin tours, pontoon boat rentals, and much more.

Now that you know some of the basics of parasailing, you’re ready to go. Destin has some of the most scenic views that are sure to make your trip worthwhile.

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