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Are you looking to pick a new outdoor activity you can enjoy? Have you considered trying paddle boarding? Stand-up paddle boarding could be beneficial for your mental and physical health, not to mention it’s a super fun activity!

If you’ve never tried before, don’t worry. Let’s learn about stand up paddle boarding for beginners.

Choose the Right Paddleboard

You’ll have to start by choosing the right paddle board for your needs. Different paddle boards will be easier or harder to use. There are hard paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards, and hybrid paddle boards. Wider boards are usually a better choice for beginners.

You want to make sure you have the rest of the equipment for paddle boarding as well. Of course, you’ll need a paddle. A lifejacket and a leash will help keep you and your paddle board safe.

Picking the Right Location

Next, you’ll want to choose the best location to begin your paddle boarding journey. There are lots of locations in the Destin area. A pontoon boat rental can help you get to where you want to go when you’re aiming to go paddle boarding. Some of the places you may want to try include Henderson Beach State Park and Norriego Point.

Get Started

You’ll need to start the paddle boarding process by launching your boat into the water. Go down to the water with your paddle board and go in until you’re about knee-length. Then, you’re safe to get on your board. Your feet should be placed parallel from each other on the board.

Once you’re safely balanced on your board, it’s time to start practicing your different strokes. Make sure you engage your core when you’re paddling. To paddle forward, rotate your hips and shoulders to maneuver your paddle into the water.

Once your paddle is fully in the water, start gliding your blade towards you. To go backwards on your paddle board, you’ll want to reverse this movement. To turn your board, put your paddle in the water and create a half-circle around your board, from the front to the back.

Check Out the Top Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tips

If you’re having trouble improving your paddle boarding skills, you can look for tips to get better, faster. Practice paddle boarding when you’re on your knees, so you can get used to the motions of paddle boarding without having to be worried about your balance. You can also try out the different paddle boarding motions on land, so that you can have them down pat when you get in the water.

Make sure that you’re not making any beginner’s mistakes. Check and ensure that your paddle is facing the right way. Stay away from other people on the water when you’re first starting out, to make sure no one gets hurt. If you have trouble with balance, do your research and find ways to start improving.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is for Beginners and Experts Alike

Clearly, there are lots of resources to help you get into stand up paddle boarding for beginners.

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