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Miramar Beach Catamaran Tours

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Explore Miramar Beach by Catamaran

A catamaran offers you one of the best ways to experience natural wonders near Miramar Beach. Sunshine Watersports Destin can deliver if you are looking for catamaran tours around Miramar Beach. Our catamaran boat offers excellent views, comfort, and speed to help you have the best time near Miramar Beach.

Great for friends, family, and events, you can have a great time taking part in any of our catamaran tours and activities near Miramar Beach. As with all our vessels, we ensure that our catamaran is in excellent working order and exceptionally clean.

What is a Catamaran Boat?

You have most likely seen a catamaran, even if you have not been on one yet. They come in various styles and sizes but are characterized by having two hulls instead of just one.

It is believed that Australasians were the first to use catamarans. The first design involved two logs held firmly in place with plant fibers, like bamboo. This simple but clever design has developed into the modern, luxurious, and comfortable catamaran sailboats you see today. Those logs became hollow crossbeams (hulls) that help give catamarans their unique appearance, but more importantly, impeccable buoyancy and comfort.

The Miramar Beach catamaran boat was ideal for moving heavy items quickly from island to island. Graceful and fast, with room to accommodate passengers in comfort, a catamaran boat is a great way to travel and see more of Miramar Beach.

The multiple hulls of a catamaran sailboat make the craft more stable than other vessels. Passengers and crew can also look forward to less hull drag than monohull sailboats, giving a smoother, more efficient ride, requiring less power. This is the sailboat for you if you want to experience the feeling of gliding on the water.

Enjoy Catamaran Charter near miramar beach

We are delighted to add catamaran tours to our lineup of boat charters near Miramar Beach. Our catamaran boat accommodates 49 passengers in style and comfort. Do not worry about getting everyone on board if you have a large group! The unique catamaran design makes for improvements in speed and comfort compared to boats with a single hull.

Take your catamaran tour to the next level of comfort with drinks served on board. Our catamaran boat is not just a means to an end, getting you to a destination. We make fantastic journeys an integral part of your experience near Miramar Beach.

Catamaran Dolphin Tours near Miramar Beach Fl

Experience a wonderful dolphin tour by catamaran near Miramar Beach. Seeing dolphins, some of the most fascinating and intelligent creatures on earth, is a beautiful experience. The catamaran’s speed and agility make it the ideal vessel to bring you up close and personal with dolphins. Your catamaran boat will have plenty of room for everyone, so you do not need to worry about not being able to see clearly or missing a photo opportunity.

Take in this wonderful experience without any distractions from choppy waters, a noisy engine, or being frustrated by not keeping up. Instead, you will be able to watch the dolphins at play without anything getting in the way.

Miramar Beach Fl Catamaran Sunset Tours

Miramar Beach has some of the most beautiful sunsets and our sunset tour near Miramar Beach is a magical experience that can stay with you for a lifetime.

Our catamaran sunset cruise near Miramar Beach will speed you out to some of the best spots for fantastic views. You can be in the middle of Miramar Beach’s incredible natural beauty. A catamaran sunset tour will help you experience the wonder of a sunset in tranquility. Gliding over the water is a great way to travel. With so little bobbing about on the waves, you will be able to relax into the sunset and take some exceptional photos unimpaired to show your family and friends.

Snorkeling Tours by Catamaran near Miramar Beach Fl

A Miramar Beach snorkeling tour by catamaran is ideal. Our catamaran boat will transport you to the best locations for snorkeling fast so that you can spend less time in eager anticipation and more time in the water. Travel in comfort to your destination and spend more time doing what you love. Your catamaran team will take you there feeling refreshed and ready to go.

When it is time to go home, do so in style, enjoying the company of your fellow snorkelers and taking in some beautiful scenery near Miramar Beach.

A catamaran charter is a great way to enjoy the sunshine, dolphins, and snorkeling near Miramar Beach. Get in touch if you are looking for catamaran tours near Miramar Beach, Fl. Sunshine Watersports has what you need.

We hope that you will find our team polite, charming, and willing to go the extra mile for you, both on and off the catamaran. We are here to help you have a fantastic time near Miramar Beach any way we can. Check our rates today!

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