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We’ve all been there before. You think you’ve found the perfect vacation spot in a beautiful location with perfect weather. What could be better? The problem is when traveling with a group of all ages, there has to be something for everyone to do. Finding a vacation destination that everyone will love and can get on board with never seems to be as easy as we think.

That’s why Destin, Florida is the ideal getaway no matter who you are traveling with. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is known for the beautiful weather and breathtaking views that make every vacation great. What sets this coastal city apart is how much there is to do on land and sea! From walks on the beach and relaxing in the sand to exciting adventures for the thrill seekers, Destin has it all.

One of the best parts about Destin is how tourist-friendly the city is. The locals are extremely welcoming and have made it their mission to show visitors all that Destin has to offer. There are dozens of boat tours designed to give travelers the full Destin experience, so take advantage of these opportunities during your stay!

Thrilling Destin Dolphin Cruises

A dolphin cruise in Destin, FL is one of the best ways to see a different side of Destin. During a dolphin tour, you’ll take a beautiful catamaran across Destin Harbor in search of the hundreds of wild dolphins that call Destin home. Destin dolphins are some of the friendliest around, so no matter when you decide to take your dolphin cruise, there is sure to be some out and about. Most of the time, the dolphins are in pods of up to 7 or 8 dolphins. They love racing with the boats as they sail along, always showing off as they jump into the air and splash around.

A dolphin tour makes the top of the must see Destin Boat Tour Guide because it really can be enjoyed everyone. There is nothing more exciting for kids than to get to see these magnificent creatures sailing through the water. It’s a once in a lifetime sight that you’ll never forget. The best part for mom and dad is that Destin dolphin cruises are also some of the most relaxing. Checkout a sunset dolphin tour and unwind as you cruise along the Gulf after a long day of fun in the sun. Grab a drink on board is watch the sunset over the horizon like you’ve never seen before. The dolphins will be glad you added this to your list and so will you!

Experience Life Underneath the Water

The only way to catch a glimpse of all of the sea life that have built their habitats in Destin is on a snorkeling tour. Destin snorkeling tours are a blast no matter how much experience you have with snorkeling. The great thing about snorkeling with professionals is that they can teach you the tips and tricks to snorkeling the right way. Not to mention, the crew will take you to the best snorkeling spots in Destin, so that you get to see all you can during your time underwater.

There are dozens of species of fish, crabs and other crustaceans that you’ll get the chance to see as you snorkel in Destin. Bright seaglass, sea shells and colorful starfish can also be found along the ocean floor. Because Destin’s water is so clear, you’ll be able to see what lies below by floating at the surface. Just like on the Destin dolphin cruise, you’ll likely get to see our flippered friends as you sail to your snorkeling spot. Don’t forget an underwater camera! You won’t want to miss all of the incredible photo opportunities on your snorkeling tour.

Soar to New Heights

For those who aren’t afraid to fly high in the sky, a Destin parasailing tour is the perfect chance to get a bird’s eye view of the city. You’ll soar up to 60 ft. above the Gulf as the boat cruises through the harbor. A parasailing tour is so much fun because you can sail with two or three riders. You won’t be alone for the adventure, so grab a friend and strap in. Some people are a little nervous about the idea of parachuting above the ocean. The parasailing tours in Destin are led by an expert crew that will ensure you are safe as you fly and will never take passengers out when the weather does not permit.

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