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Vacations are certainly a time to relax, but many people worry about getting out of their healthy habits while they’re on holiday. If you are one of them, you will be delighted to know that there are plenty of holiday activities that can keep you fit!

On the top of the list is parasailing in Destin. This fun and exciting water sport will get you moving and have you doing a whole workout routine.

And the best part is you’ll be having too much fun to notice!

1. Adrenaline

Adrenaline junkies out there will know just how good it can be for workouts. And the heart-pumping hormone sure comes into effect when you’re parasailing over the crystal-clear waters of Destin.

You will get the same rush whether you are a regular or you are just learning to parasail! Getting your heart thumping will get you burning extra calories without feeling it, and while having fun.

2. Good For Your Joints

Parasailing is an excellent choice for those whose joints need a vacation, too! You’ll take pretty much all your weight off any tired bones so your body can relax and you can focus on the awesome views of Destin’s stunning beaches below.

Let the parachute do the work and literally sweep you off your feet, taking all your joint aches and pains away with it!

3. Relaxation

The fact that parasailing is so safe means that you can just let go of all your worries and glide over the calming ocean. You can trust our team to make you completely secure for your parasailing journey.

The only thing your mind will have to focus on is the spectacular panoramic views surrounding you, so you can take a deep breath of fresh sea air and just let everything else go.

With our parasailing lessons, you can wait until you’re confident to really go for it!

4. Get That Upper Body Strength

Even though you’ll be completely safe, we know you’ll still find yourself holding on to your harness when you start to rise above the water!

You’ll be using your arms to maneuver your parachute as you like, so those strong arms will pretty much develop themselves!

5. Build a Strong Core

You can burn up to 230 calories in one heart-thumping session, and your core will certainly thank you for it.

Controlling the parachute with your upper body will tighten and tone your core muscles, leaving you feeling super strong after you’re done.

6. Get That Extra Vitamin D Boost

Getting up into the sky means you’re closer to the sun! And, as long as you’ve got plenty of waterproof sunscreen on, you can enjoy the health benefits of a much needed vitamin D boost. Can’t get that at the gym!

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and can naturally only come from the sun’s rays. So, to get those strong bones you’re after, parasailing really is a great option!

7. Build Your Confidence

A great workout should be about one thing; making you feel more confident in your body. And there really is nothing that boosts your self-esteem more than being brave and taking to the sky!

Destin Parasailing is the Workout of Your Dreams!

Getting a workout in on vacation isn’t always easy, so why not make it a part of your Destin vacation activities? Parasailing will give you all the benefits of a tough gym workout without any of the strain or boredom. Get in touch with one of our parasailing specialists today so we can get you ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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