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The Emerald Coast of Florida sees about 4.5 million tourists a year and the majority of the visitors flock to the small town of Destin. With just 11,000 residents, the town gets packed full of boating enthusiasts most of the year.

If you of one of those lucky people then you might be wondering where to find the best way to explore the Gulf of Mexico panhandle. Well, look no further than pontoon boat rentals.

Here are 5 reasons why this activity is an essential part of your Sandestin family vacation.

1. For Family Gatherings

When it comes to boat rental options, a pontoon boat might be the get option for large family gatherings. Whether you are using it for a birthday party, graduation celebration, or just as a bonding experience, the large deck of a pontoon boat holds the most people comfortably.

Pontoon boat rentals also accommodate your entertainment and refreshment needs with plentiful storage and seating for all of your family members.

2. An Economical Option

Unlike other boat types, a pontoon is fuel-efficient and offers less liability. This means you will save money on gas because pontoon boats act as a floating banquet rather than a thrill ride like a speed boat that consumes about 20 to 30 gallons of fuel an hour.

And as a slower boat option, renting a pontoon means that you are less likely to acquire damages that will end up costing you extra.

3. Easy to Navigate and Site See

Pontoon rentals are made for cruising rather than racing, which makes it much easier to site see the gorgeous coastline of Destin. You can also go explore nearby sites like Crab Island, a sandbar only accessible by boat.

Navigating and anchoring using a pontoon boat makes it simple to go for a swim, explore under the sea with a snorkel, or simply take in the emerald water shimmer via an inner tube.

4. Safer for Children

If you have small children then pontoon options help you feel more secure. The flat deck is ideal for better balance and provides ample space to wander without getting in the way of navigation.

Pontoons also offer plenty of shade to keep your little ones cool and fuss-free.

5. Relaxed Versatility

You have many choices of boat rentals, but the one that allows the most versatility is a pontoon boat. Not only is it a relaxed way to explore the open sea, but it also allows you to enjoy a range of activities.

From fishing to swimming, the style of a pontoon boat helps everyone in your family do what they love. That is because pontoons are made to be casual, low maintenance, and spacious enough to conduct many activities at once.

Finding Sandestin Pontoon Boat Rentals

Not all pontoon boat rentals are the same. You want to rent one that is safe and ready with a full tank of gas. Great customer service also helps prepares by loading your personal belongings and teaching you how to operate your vehicle, making your experience more carefree.

We do all this and more at Sunshine Watersports. Contact us today to reserve your Sandestin boat.

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