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Are you considering visiting Destin, FL during your spring break?

Destin is a beautiful area in the Florida panhandle. People who visit this area get to enjoy the lovely Florida weather and beaches. Whether you like to go snorkeling or rent a pontoon boat, there’s something for you here.

To get the most out of visiting Destin, though, you need to plan your activities. Otherwise, you might not get the chance to experience all the fun things to do in this area.

Below, we will go into the top 3 activities you should consider doing in Destin. Keep reading so you can get the most out of your Destin vacation!

1. Pontoon Boat Rentals

If you love to spend your day out on the water, you should consider renting a pontoon boat.

Pontoon boat rentals are great for groups of people. On the boats, you can relax with friends and family, go fishing, or even jump off the boat and swim!

To rent a pontoon, you need to have a Temporary FL Boaters License. You will also need to be born before 1987 or have a NASBLA Certified Boaters License. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive the boats.

If you want to get your Temporary FL Boaters License, you can take this test.

2. Dolphin Tours

Destin is home to many dolphins. If you want to see some dolphins during your trip, you can book a Destin dolphin cruise.

These dolphin tours last a few hours. Your party will get onto a boat and then spend time looking for dolphins. In some cases, the dolphins might come really close to the boat, making these trips perfect for animal lovers!

If you want to see the sunset at the same time, you can take a sunset dolphin cruise. These cruises give you lovely views of the sun sinking below the watery horizon.

3. Snorkeling

If you stay above the waves in Destin, you are only seeing half the beauty.

That is why so many tourists go snorkeling. Through snorkel tours, you can peer beneath the water’s surface and swim with the ocean’s wildlife.

Our guests often report seeing many different kinds of fish and dolphins. Life vests are available for members of your party who are not strong swimmers.

Ready to Vacation in Destin?

Destin offers a wide variety of activities for spring breakers and other tourists.

No matter what you like to do, we have water sports activities for you. If you don’t want to get a pontoon boat rental, go on dolphin tours, or go snorkeling, you might be interested in our other activities, such as parasailing. So, if you are ready to plan your trip, take a look at the availability for our activities.

Want to learn more about how we can make your Destin vacation better? Contact us today for more information!

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