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Destin Pontoon boat rental is quickly becoming the best activity of the summer. The perfect pastime for both the peaceful holiday planner and the parent looking for a way to entertain the kids, you can’t go wrong renting a pontoon for the day.

There are so many great activities to do onboard a pontoon around Destin, so check out the list of the top three below!

1. Family Picnics

Because our gorgeous rental boats are fitted with tables, you can happily take a picnic on board! Bring a cooler for all your favorite snacks, treats, and drinks to keep everything chill as you enjoy your trip along the waters.

With shaded pontoon towers, you can take a break from the sun to enjoy your meal and still stay on board. Or make yourself comfy on one of the cushy seats aligning our pontoons, and tuck right in!

Coolers can be up to 50 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about running out of food if you plan to spend all day onboard.

2. Fishing

Didn’t know you could go fishing on a pontoon rental boat, huh? Of course you can! Fishing is super popular among pontoon renters (Please note that in the State of Florida, you must have a fishing license in order to do so).  Pontoon boats can go as fast as you need, so you’re sure to get the catch of the day wherever you “drop anchor!”

Get your gear together and head out on the calm waters on one of our pontoons. It won’t be long until you find the perfect spot to scan for fish. They can’t hide in the crystal-clear waters for long!

Pontoon boats are also stable in the water, so they make a great place for your younger sailors to learn how to fish. You’ll also be able to spot the fish you’re looking for in the water pretty easily, because pontoons are excellent on calm waves.

3. Explore the Beautiful Scenery of Destin

Exploring the beauty and nature of Destin is the perfect pontoon rental activity. Crab Island and James Lee Beach are two must-see spots, and you can steer your pontoon all the way over to them to enjoy the sandy white shores.

Stay on your pontoon boat to enjoy the glorious views from the water, or take a dive off and swim over to the beaches to get a sense of the soft sand.

Our pontoons are designed for groups of twelve, so you can bring the whole family to enjoy any of the beautiful beaches around Destin. The clean, serene beaches will make you think you’re in paradise, and topped off with a day of sailing on one of our pontoons, you basically are!

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Pontoon boat rental is the perfect activity to activate your holiday mode! From fishing to family picnics, you’ll never be stuck for a good time aboard one of these boats. There’s no more relaxing time spent sailing the waters at leisure, knowing you’re safe and secure on one of our pontoons.

We have several different Destin boat rental options and pontoon options, so get in touch with us today and we’ll have you on the water in no time!

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