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Located on the eastern end of the scenic highway 30A in the Florida panhandle, Seacrest Beach are both popular communities. After the development of nearby Alys Beach, Seacrest Florida was split into two distinct geographic areas. Those seeking to buy homes for sale in Seacrest should consider the area’s many amenities. Listed below are the amenities of this neighborhood. View this article. These include the following:

The lagoon pool at Seacrest is approximately 12,000 square feet and open to Seacrest property owners and renters. The beach features a kiddie pool and a picnic area, and the surrounding landscape is stunning. Residents of Seacrest can also enjoy a visit to Crabby Steve’s, a secret bar on the Gulf. The High Pointe Resort is also within walking distance of this hidden beachside restaurant. Once there, residents can relax in the sun and enjoy the view.

Another community highlight in this Seacrest community is the Lagoon Pool. The pool is an incredible 12,000 square foot area, filled with 378,000 gallons of water. The pool is naturally heated, which makes it perfect for a day of swimming and relaxing. A large lawn provides shade for those seeking to enjoy the water while enjoying an evening concert or afternoon picnic. The community has a beach shuttle available to take guests to and from the pool.

The Peddlers Pavilion offers unique food and shopping experiences, including a famous pub known as Peddlers Pub. A 12,000 square foot pool also makes the neighborhood a favorite among fishermen and is accessible only to Seacrest residents and rental guests. Aside from the pool and the beach, Seacrest also offers many fun activities for the whole family. Check this out. You will be surrounded by friendly locals and enjoy the diverse atmosphere of this community.


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