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If you’re looking for a vacation spot in Okaloosa County, Florida, Niceville might be the perfect place to go. This city is on the banks of Boggy Bayou, which opens into Choctawhatchee Bay. There are a number of things to do in Niceville, from exploring the local attractions to spending time at the beach. Here are some tips to make your trip to Niceville Florida a pleasant one.

Niceville’s subtropical climate is ideal for outdoor activities. The city experiences very few weather extremes, with 343 days of sunshine per year. Average temperatures range from 70°F to 92°F, and winter temperatures are mild. However, summers can get quite humid, so dress appropriately to avoid the sun. For those looking to spend a relaxing vacation in Niceville, it’s a good idea to bring your swimsuit. View this blog too.

Craft beer lovers will be happy to discover that Niceville is home to Florida’s first craft brewery, 3rd Planet Brewing. Founded by two military veterans, 3rd Planet has fourteen tap handles that let you sample a variety of craft beers. The atmosphere is family-friendly, and kids and dogs are welcome. There are also outdoor yard games for your enjoyment. Whether you want to relax and listen to the soothing sound of the ocean or talk to your friends, there’s something for everyone at 3rd Planet Brewing.

Art lovers should check out the local arts scene. A variety of galleries and theatres offer an excellent opportunity to explore the arts. The Mattie Kelly Arts Center, home to the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, offers annual performances of popular art. The center also features several national and regional exhibitions and regularly hosts gallery talks. The Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts program presents unique opportunities in voice, music, and dance. Children will also have plenty of fun at the Niceville Children’s Park. Click here for more.

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